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Masti Zone - Shalimar Mall - Lucknow

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Lucknow, a realm of unparalleled amusement – Masti Zone Shalimar Gateway Mall is a captivating sanctuary spread across an expansive 10,212 square feet. Here, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and every corner holds the promise of a thrilling adventure. As you cross the threshold into Masti Zone Shalimar Gateway Mall, located in Alambagh, prepare to be transported into a universe where fun knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in the symphony of joy that reverberates through the air as you explore an array of enchanting offerings including Arcade games, Trampoline, Softplay, Archery, Shooting, VR Games, Skywalk, Bike VR, Cricket, and Bowling Alley among many others. Additionally, one can unveil a world of festive splendour at our dedicated party area, where celebrations come alive with laughter, music, and the joyous camaraderie of cherished moments. Your adventure begins at Masti Zone Shalimar Gateway Mall – where imagination takes flight, and every moment becomes a masterpiece of mirth.

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